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Giving Back

Western Pacific fosters a family spirit by giving back, and our company believes in supporting the local community through numerous charities and organizations. The decision of which charities to support is employee-driven, and each year the staff decides which organization they would like their contributions to go towards.

This type of decision-making empowers our team, and results in employees having a personal connection with the fundraising and activities. Throughout the years, Western Pacific has given back to local sports teams, Make-A-Wish Foundation and most recently, the Surrey Women’s Centre.

Surrey Women's Centre

In December 2015, long time WPE employee Sandra Brynjolfson came to the owners of WPE with an idea. "I knew there was great potential to raise a substantial amount of money for Surrey Women's Centre. They make it a tradition each year to pick a cause and do a company-wide fundraiser. I introduced Surrey Women's Centre to Ron and Hal as a potential recipient, and they said let's do it!" Together, Western Pacific and their employees raised over $13,000 for women and children fleeing violence.