Our HistoryA Resilient, Entrepreneurial Spirit SINCE 1973

1973 – Our Founders

In 1973, friends Dieter Fettback and Ernie Moore had a vision worth mortgaging their homes for to start an electrical contracting company that would have a reputation for the highest integrity and quality. They succeeded, and Western Pacific gained a reputation for handling any commercial, civil, or industrial assignment efficiently, safely, and on budget. The company soon established itself as a leader in innovation and problem solving. 

1980s – Urban Transformation

In the mid-1980s, Vancouver was flexing its urban status on a larger scale, with major new projects destined to transform the city. Western Pacific won the prized SkyTrain contract in preparation for Expo 86, delivering power, signaling, lighting, and communication systems for SkyTrain’s Expo Line, a major attraction at Vancouver’s World Expo on Transportation and Communication in 1986. The high-speed rail line connects downtown Vancouver to New Westminster and Surrey. When Ernie died in 1989, Dieter’s sons (Dave, Ron, Wayne, and Mark) joined forces with Ernie’s son (Hal) to carry on the family legacy. 

1990s – Safety: Core to Long-term Partnership

During Western Pacific’s early years, BC Hydro became a client, awarding the company multiple substation projects. Work with BC Hydro expanded significantly in the 1990s and 2000s, as WPE took on many more substation and capacitor station projects. Working safely is a core value shared by Western Pacific and BC Hydro and is an essential component of our long-term relationship with BC Hydro and other utility clients. 

2000s – Olympic Venues, Security & Transportation

Awarded the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Vancouver was preparing to host another major global event with the help of WPE. The company provided electrical installations for event sites in Whistler and Vancouver, including BC Place Stadium and Vancouver Convention Centre, with security systems at each venue. Once again, rapid rail public transportation was on the table, with WPE winning the bid to work on the Canada Line, the new automated light rail service connecting downtown with Richmond and the airport. WPE successfully completed each critical project on time for the Olympic Winter Games. 

2016 – Western Pacific Joins MYR Group

MYR Group acquired Western Pacific in 2016, expanding its Commercial & Industrial (C&I) presence in western Canada while leveraging Transmission & Distribution (T&D) capabilities in the region through WPE’s extensive substation experience. Western Pacific also gained additional skilled resources in financial, legal, management, equipment, and technology. 

2020s – Technology Preserving History

Western Pacific was an early adopter incorporating 3D modelling for design, estimating, and construction. The capacity to compute a maximum price, as well as completely developed drawings showing the position of every electrical component lights, plugs, fire alarms, everything is enabled by 3D modelling. This use of technology and smart building systems (Internet of Things (IoT)) has been critical to the success of The Post project, one of Canada’s most extensive historic renovation projects. 

Today and Tomorrow

As a premier member of MYR Group, we have the financial, managerial, labour, and equipment expertise and resources to successfully complete electrical installations of any type and size throughout western Canada. 

We are committed to positively impacting the world around us while partnering with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions. We have an inherent obligation to strive for top-tier environmental and social practices that affect the communities where we live and serve. By emphasizing our critical role in the clean energy transformation, we contribute to a more sustainable future for all.