transmission tower

Transmission & Distribution ConstructionCreating electrical connections that energize our future

Building & maintaining critical utility infrastructure

As a leading electrical contractor delivering project success from preconstruction to project closeout, we perform the critical upgrades and installations needed to replace aging infrastructure and enhance grid resiliency and reliability. For decades, we have been involved in the design, supply, and installation of utility infrastructure projects for clients across western Canada. We have worked with major product manufacturers of electrical equipment and materials in the 5kV to 500kV voltage class. We perform all types of overhead and underground transmission and distribution from new development in rural areas to urban repair and rebuild projects. 

As a member of the MYR Group, we contribute to a robust portfolio of projects, and our collective teams are experienced with every type of structure, foundation, voltage, and terrain. This shared industry knowledge provides us with the know-how and expertise to construct projects of any size and scope, achieving successful project outcomes.

At Western Pacific,
we play an important role in building a clean energy future  

We construct and maintain critical electrical systems that power our nation, from transmission upgrades and greenfield construction to connecting run-of-the-river hydroelectricity and solar interconnect projects. Our skilled team of experts install the infrastructure needed to connect these renewable energy resources to our power grid. 

As companies across the globe evolve in how they produce and consume energy, and strive to meet decarbonization and clean energy goals, we play a significant role in building the associated infrastructure needed to deliver it to the grid.