Skilled Labour ResourcesScaling labour resources to match project needs

Our highly experienced workforce streamlines efficiencies 

We have the unique capacity to swiftly move our workforce throughout western Canada to support electrical construction projects of nearly any magnitude. Our teams are familiar with working together, resulting in significant project efficiencies. The continuity they share with management – and solid client relationships they maintain – enable us to expertly construct projects large or small. Additionally, as a subsidiary of MYR Group, we often collaborate and share expertise, insights, and lessons learned on various projects. 


Our project teams consist of skilled labour resources that have extensive training and experience. Our successful performance on projects allows us to provide similar best practices, knowledge of local/regional conditions and topography, and cohesive teams who have worked together on past projects. These valuable attributes translate to exceptional quality, efficiency, communication, and safety. 


Our workforce is at the center of all we do – we are one cohesive team. We value diversity because it makes us stronger, and we promote a safe workplace where all team members are valued and given the appropriate tools and training to be successful.

Supporting local cultures and communities

At Western Pacific, we are committed to engaging indigenous and visible minority communities interested in the construction industry for many project opportunities. This includes collaboration on local projects as well as providing training and employment opportunities. We engage in building long-term and transferable skills for employees through our apprenticeship programs and professional service opportunities.