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Providing expert, sustainable electrical construction solutions throughout western Canada 

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01 FEATURED PROJECTSInnovative electrical solutions since 1973

As one of western Canada’s largest electrical contractors, Western Pacific Enterprises, LTD. (WPE) has helped shape infrastructure by delivering some of the largest and most complex electrical solutions for commercial and industrial, substation, transmission, distribution, and clean energy projects. Our specialized expertise, skilled workforce, and innovative practices translate to successful project delivery for our clients. These valuable resources are what enable us to be an industry leader supporting the clean energy transformation.

02 Safety and SustainabilityAT western pacific, SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITY

With safety at our core, we protect our people while making an impact today, tomorrow, and beyond

Safety is a core value. Our culture embraces constant innovation and improvement in our safety practices and is the catalyst that sets us apart. We strive to deliver the best training, tools, support, and mentorship to each and every employee. In turn, we expect and receive behavioural excellence and integrity that fuels the success and innovation necessary to remain an industry leader in safety.

Building a sustainable future for our people, our clients, and our community

We are committed to positively impacting the world around us while partnering with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions. We have an inherent obligation to operate as a responsible organization, strive to reduce our impact on the environment, focus on the well-being of our people, and support the communities where we live and work. By emphasizing our critical role in the clean energy transformation, we are contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

03 Parent CompanyA proud Subsidiary of MYR Group Inc.

As a subsidiary of MYR Group Inc. (MYR Group), we are one of a network of electrical contractors who utilize cross-collaboration, providing our clients with innovative solutions specific to their projects. We have the unique capacity to draw upon national resources as needed to deliver comprehensive solutions and services in your local market.

04 Careersenergize your career with uS!

Our people are a pivotal part of our business, our culture, and our future. We strive to hire top-tier talent and promote the value-enhancing qualities of unique backgrounds, creating an environment of diverse teams and perspectives. Energize your career with us!