MYR Group Subsidiary Western Pacific Enterprises Wins 3 Silver Awards of Recognition from Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA)

August 17, 2018

What is VRCA?

The Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) represents union and non-union, general and trade contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and professionals who serve in the industrial, commercial and institutional construction industry. The Association represents British Columbia’s finest construction firms and provides resources to stay informed, be productive, and maintain a competitive edge and long-term profitability.

VRCA Awards of Recognition

Each year, the VRCA acknowledges companies, projects, and individuals in the construction industry. Three silver award winners are selected for 15 project categories based on their use of innovative techniques, new materials, challenges met, and/or exceptional project management.

The VRCA Awards of Recognition are highly competitive, and this year the Association received a record number of submissions, with 205 projects submitted.

VRCA Recognition – Congrats!

Western Pacific Enterprises’ (WPE) projects won silver awards in two categories. The Deltaport Rail Maintenance Building project received a silver award in the up to $2M project value category, and the Campbell River Water Treatment Building and Johnson Street Bridge projects received silver awards in the $2-5M project value category.

The Projects

The Rail Maintenance Building is a brand new facility, and part of updates to the Port of Delta in Vancouver. The 42,300 square foot building houses workshop space needed for the maintenance of newly implemented container handling equipment. The facility’s transformers were initially designed to be on the wall in-between service bays. WPE proposed that the transformers be mounted atop the wall, using WPE-designed braces to secure them to the top of the masonry. This solution creates more maneuvering space for large machinery and equipment. The braces were reviewed and approved by a seismic engineer. Another project challenge was that no underground conduits were permitted due to the heavy equipment that would later utilize the space. As a result, conduits had to run 30 feet up the walls, across the ceiling, and down to each device.

The Campbell River Water Treatment Building is one component in the overall upgrade of the entire Campbell River potable water system. Drawing from John Hart Lake, water is disinfected within the facility and distributed to homes and businesses throughout the region. The site address was difficult to find and the physical layout of the area created challenges with deliveries during construction. Additionally, moving equipment from the old to new facility created coordination challenges. Timing was extremely sensitive as existing equipment was too big to fit through finished doorways in the new building. WPE had to coordinate delivery and installation at the new facility with a shutdown of the old site. There were also compatibility issues between the old and newly installed equipment which took time to problem solve. The equipment was reprogrammed and tested several times over the course of a few weeks.

The Johnson Street Bridge was a landmark project for the City of Victoria. It boasts the largest span of any single-leaf bascule bridge in Canada, and features an innovative hydraulic ring and cradle lifting mechanism, creating a nearly silent movement. The overall project had many schedule setbacks and delays, making WPE’s portion of works particularly challenging. This required a true team effort in conjunction with the project’s general contractor and other trades to ensure a successful completion. The project team faced challenges during construction due to barge access and material logistics from areas of work. There were also challenges around public interface, vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.

Each project that was selected as a winner for WPE displayed creativity, overcame challenges, and was expertly managed by WPE’s team. All three projects were executed without any safety incidents. The safety records for these projects showcase WPE’s commitment to exceptional safety standards.

Good Luck!

During the 2018 Awards of Excellence on October 23rd, one silver award winner from each category will be chosen as the gold award winner. During the event, WPE and the other outstanding silver award winners will be celebrated by over 600 industry leaders from across the lower mainland.

Congratulations to Western Pacific Enterprises and best of luck at the October event!